ASA Alumni Diary: Dance, more dance, and ratatouille

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Theater class was weird as usual. Today we were talking about Cunningham and Cage, so he made me and two other dance majors dance in front of the class. We had to come up with six movements and number them while people in our class had numbers in a random order and that is how we had to execute them.

After that, we listened to four minutes and thirty-three seconds of silence.

Why? I don’t know either.

A Step Above Dance Academy Batavia Ballet

I actually had a better day in ballet for once. However, we had to do our petite allegro combination about six times. Someone in our class had an attitude with our instructor which made him upset, so we kept repeating the combinations.

Horton was fun, but there were a lot of direction changes in our combinations which were difficult to remember at first. Luckily, the dance I’m in had an earlier rehearsal tonight. It was at 5:30 instead of 7 or 7:30 like it usually is.

Rehearsal wasn’t too bad. We just cleaned the dance and only had rehearsal for fifty minutes instead of the entire hour. One of the dancers did not show up and this is her second absence, so the understudy is stepping in. Our professor was livid and I do not blame her.

After rehearsal, I got dinner with my friend. The cafeteria does different themed dinners every once in a while. Tonight it was ratatouille themed and all the food was great. Then, I went up to my room, showered, and started looking at my classes for next semester and revised my paper for English.


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