Adult Dance Classes Batavia

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The Benefits of Adult Dance Classes Batavia Dancing provides a variety of health benefits and can be a great way to stay fit and disciplined. Add to that, dancing has a wide range of mental benefits as well. Taking an adult dance class is a great way to stay young. It helps increase your lung…

Which Dance Class Is Right For Me

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Which Dance Class is Right for Me? So, you’ve done your research and you finally found the perfect dance studio for you. The instructors are experienced and well versed in many styles of dance. The studio has a great reputation and offers classes for each style of dance for all ages. Everything is perfect, right?…

Questions To Ask Of Your Dance Studio In Batavia

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5 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Dance Studio In Batavia Not all dance studios are the same. Which means not every dance studio in Batavia will be a good fit for your child. To get the most enjoyment out of dance and the best learning experience, you’ll want to enroll your child in a…

Beat Stress With Dance Lessons In Batavia | A Step Above

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Stressed Out? Dance Lessons In Batavia Can Channel That Stress Into A Healthy Outlet There’s no doubt that we live in stressful times, but that doesn’t mean you need to live with stress. Dancing is a terrific stress reliever, no matter what your age or skill set. Our dance lessons in Batavia are available for…

ASA Dance Classes In Batavia Move To New Location

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Get Ready For Even More Dance Classes In Batavia – We’re Moving!   We are so excited to share that A Step Above Dance Academy is moving! Our new location is still in Batavia, right in the heart of downtown. On March 1, 2017 we will open our doors at 129 Flinn Street. In the…

ASA Alumni Dance Diary: Much needed time with family

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Saturday, October 29, 2016 I spent a lot of time with my family today. I went to Sonny Acres which is our annual family tradition. After that, we stopped by Rocket Fizz in St. Charles since my family had never been there before. Then, we did some grocery shopping and bought pumpkins to carve. My…

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ASA Alumni Dance Diary: Chloe and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Friday

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Friday, October 28, 2016 Not a good day. My classes felt like they were pointless to attend. I was also in one of the worst moods I’ve been in. I had absolutely no motivation. I caught my roommate talking bad about me again, lol. I talked to my CA about it and he told me…

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ASA Alumni Dance Diary: Power walking in heels

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Thursday, October 27, 2016 I could not get out of bed this morning. I was exhausted, but I still had plenty of time to get ready. Since it was chilly this morning I decided to take the bus. I thought it would be warmer and quicker than walking to class. However, I should have just…

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ASA Alumni Dance Diary: Rain and college don’t mix

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 Note to Self: Invest in rain boots ASAP It poured all day. I wore a raincoat and had an umbrella, yet I still couldn’t stay dry. I had to present my project in University 101. We each picked a different topic and wrote a newspaper article about it. However, one of…

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ASA Alumni Dance Diary: Chloe dominates her day

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016 Something good actually happened in my theater class today. I got 23.5/22 on my quiz!! After class, I have an hour and forty-five-minute break, so I went in the empty studio and stretched and ate a snack. I’m so glad that I had time to stretch because I felt so much…