Ballet is the classical foundation that is the most important component for any study of dance in order to gain proficiency in dance. Students will be admitted into Pointe class by Teacher Recommendation ONLY.

Pre-Ballet/Tap I, II (4-6 years)

An introduction to ballet and tap, students learn basic ballet and tap terminology and classroom etiquette.  Memory, body awareness, and rhythm are the focus of this class, by way of games and basic ballet and tap combinations. The class is broken into 20 minutes of ballet and 20 minutes of tap, with a 5 minutes shoe change break.

45 min/week $135.00

Basic Ballet (7 years and older)

45 min/week $155.00

Ballet  I (9 years and older)

1 hour/week $160.00

Ballet II (9 years and older)

1 hour/week $180.00

Ballet III (Teacher approval required)

1 1/4 hours/ week $225.00

Ballet IV (Teacher approval required)

1 1/4 hours/ week $245.00

Pre-Pointe/Pointe A

45 min/week $180.00

Pointe B

45 min/week $180.00

Class Attire

Ballet leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes, Pointe shoes when applicable, hair in bun and pinned away from face.

Male Dancers: white t-shirt, black tights, black ballet shoes.