Ballet is the classical foundation that is the most important component for any study of dance in order to gain proficiency in dance.  It requires strong technique, athleticism, and grace.

ASA ballet classes will maintain smaller class sizes to promote individual attention for each student so that they can all achieve individual growth at their own pace and potential while encouraging a family-like atmosphere for everyone to feel welcome.  All ballet students at ASA will receive equal quality training with additional attention given to musicality, movement quality and anatomically corrects work.   Ballet instruction at ASA will focus on technique and proper alignment while educating the dancer in a nurturing and inspiring environment to not only help them grow as a dancer but also an individual.

ASA has 4 divisions of ballet training for dancers of all ages and abilities.

  • Youth Children’s Program (includes Tip Toe Discovery and Pre-Ballet/Tap I, II)
  • Youth Training Program (Basic Ballet, Ballet I)
  • Recreational Ballet (Basic Ballet, Ballet I-III)
  • Pre-Professional Ballet Program (Ballet I-III)
  • Teen & Adults (for the recreational dancer and adult ballet lover)

Youth Children’s Program  (Ages 2-6)

Tip Toe Discovery I/II – Designed to give an exciting introduction to dance, students begin to learn the basics of movement while building coordination skills, memory, and listening skills. Tip Toe Discovery classes are ballet based classes, incorporating props, games, activities, and exciting music.

Pre-Ballet/Tap- An introduction to ballet and tap, students learn basic ballet and tap terminology and classroom etiquette.  Memory, body awareness, and rhythm are the focus of this class, by way of games and basic ballet and tap combinations. The class is broken into 20 minutes of ballet and 20 minutes of tap, with a 5 minutes shoe change break.

Youth Training Program  (Ages 7-12)

Basic Ballet- Dancers will learn basic ballet positions, terminology and placement while growing their musicality and retention skills in a ballet class.

Ballet I- Introduces dancers to the structure of a ballet class in this level.  Ballet I is the transition from our Youth Children’s Program into an actual ballet class which includes barre/warm-up, center combinations and across the floor work.  Introduction to body positions and directions, vocabulary, musicality, and ballet combinations begin at level I.

Recreational Ballet (Ages 9 & up)

Ballet I-III

Our recreational ballet program is designed for students who love to dance but only want to take it one day a week. This program will help by continuing to build strength, vocabulary, musicality, and passion for ballet.

Pre-Professional Ballet Program (Ages 9 & up) *By audition only

For those who are serious about taking the next step in their ballet training, we offer the Pre-Professional Ballet Program.  ASA is the only school in the area with a Pre-professional, extensive ballet program for young dancers wanting to pursue a more comprehensive ballet course or a professional career in ballet or dance. For more information or auditions for the program, click here.

Teen & Adults

This program is designed for teens and adults who have little to no dance experience, but want to explore the joys of dance among others their age.  This program also caters to those teens who want to learn the necessary skills to join cheer leading or dance teams during their high school careers.  Adults who love the art of ballet and want to build their knowledge for the art will enjoy classes geared toward others their age and abilities.  Dance training promotes strength, flexibility, memory skills, physical fitness, and body awareness.  You’re never too old to bring out your inner ballerina!