Questions To Ask Of Your Dance Studio In Batavia

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5 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Dance Studio In Batavia

Not all dance studios are the same. Which means not every dance studio in Batavia will be a good fit for your child. To get the most enjoyment out of dance and the best learning experience, you’ll want to enroll your child in a dance studio that meets your needs and fits your child’s personality.

To get an idea of what that kind of dance studio looks like, ask yourself: What do we want from dance lessons? Is this just a fun way to be active? A learning experience or desire to improve on existing skills? Do we want to be involved in competitive dance? Having a general idea of what your goals are in regards to dance lessons can help you narrow down your search and will help ensure you find the right fit for your child.

Dance studio in Batavia, IL.Once you’ve got a good idea of what you want from your dance experience, you can start researching studios. Even if you are looking for a recreational outlet as opposed to a studio that focuses on dance competition, there are a few questions you should be sure to ask.

5 Questions You Want To Ask Of Dance Studios

  1. What Kind of Experience Does the Dance Staff Have? Ideally, the staff will have dance experience and/or professional dance education. Not only does this kind of background allow staff to connect with and understand students’ needs and challenges, they can be a great resource for furthering your child’s dance education and/or career options.
  1. Is the Studio Properly Equipped for Dance? Student safety should be a top priority. Dancing requires jumping and movements that can place a lot of stress on knees and joints. Studios should be properly outfitted with professional “floating floors”. These floors help reduce stress on joints by providing shock absorption that is not present in dance shoes. Marley type floors are another must-have since they provide a smooth enough surface to slide and glide through movements, but enough texture to prevent slips and falls.
  1. What is the Class Size? Ideal class size will vary based on age but 12-15 students is generally a good size. This size allows the teacher to provide personal attention and feedback, but gives students a chance to work with and learn from peers as well.
  1. What Type of Classes are Available? Obviously you’ll want to choose a dance studio that offers the type of classes you are most interested in. But in addition to genre, consider how long each class will last, how many dances they will learn each season/session. Whether or not you can drop in/drop out throughout the year or if you must sign up for an entire year at once. You should also ask what the children will be learning in each class. Is it all about preparing for the spring show or is there a broader approach to dance and dance education? If it’s all about preparing for a show your child may be learning “a dance” as opposed to learning “to dance”.
  1. What are the Performance and/or Competition Expectations? Are there special classes for performance and/or competition or is every class geared towards these goals? What types of performances are they? Small performances for family members to see class progress or a more involved performance. Does every child have to participate in competition or are there special classes just for dancers interested in competition?

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