Ballet is the classical foundation that is the most important component for any study of dance in order to gain proficiency in dance.  It requires strong technique, athleticism, and grace. Ballet classes will maintain smaller class sizes to promote individual attention for each student so that they can all achieve individual growth at their own pace and potential. All Ballet students will receive quality training with additional attention given to musicality, movement quality and anatomically corrects work. Ballet instruction will focus on technique and proper alignment in a structured classroom while educating the dancer in a nurturing and inspiring environment to not only help them grow as a dancer but also an individual.

Ballet Class Options & Requirements:

Tip Toe Discovery (Ages 2-3)

Pre-Ballet I-III (Ages 4-6)

Basic Ballet (1 class/week)

Ballet I (1 class/week)

Ballet IB (1 class/week – recommend 2/week)

Ballet II (1 class/week required – recommend 2/week)

Ballet III (2 classes/week required – recommend 2/week)

Pre-Pointe (By teacher acceptance only)

Beginner Pointe (By teacher acceptance only – must take ballet prior to Pointe class)

Intermediate Pointe (By teacher acceptance only – must take ballet prior to Pointe class)

Conditioning for Dancers (ages 9^)

Students should expect to stay in the same level for a minimum of 2 years. 

Lets Start Dancing

Class Attire

Proper Ballet attire is required: Leotard (color specified by level), pink tights, ballet shoes, hair in a bun, and ballet belt for Level I and up. All leotards are available for sale or order at the ASA Boutique or online at Click on the leotard style below to purchase online.

Basic (ages 7-9): Hot Pink Cap Sleeve Leotard 

Level I: Purple Tank Leotard

Level IB: Violet Tank Leotard

Level II: Camisole Teal Leotard

Level III: Royal Camisole Leotard