Jazz dance is a classification shared by a broad range of dance styles.  Its foundation comes from ballet technique and was influenced by many elements of jazz music.  Jazz dance classes are upbeat and energetic and encompass many styles of dance including musical theatre.

Basic Jazz (7 years and older)

45 min/week $155.00

Jazz I (9 years and older)

1 hour/week $160.00

Jazz I/II (9 years and older)

1 hour/week $170.00

Jazz II (9 years and older)

1 hour/week $180.00

Jazz III (10 years and older, teacher approval)

1 hour/ week $225.00

Jazz IV (Teacher approval required)

1 hour/ week $245.00


Offered to those students who are interested in focusing on turns, leaps and jumps.

Intermediate (requires enrollment in Ballet/Jazz II): 45 min/week $180.00

Advanced (requires enrollment in Ballet/Jazz III): 45 min/week $225.00

Beginner/Intermediate Adult Jazz/Tap

A fun and energetic class just for adults! Enjoy Jazz technique and choreography, and Tap technique and combinations in this exciting class!

45 min/week $160.00

Musical Theater I/II

An introduction to classic Musical Theater choreography, this class will focus on stylization and choreography of an array of musicals and shows. *Requires Ballet/Jazz I or higher.

30 min/week $170.00

Class Attire

Tight fitting dance shorts or pants, skin tight tops, jazz shoes (please check with instructor about their recommended color for the Dance Concert), hair tied up and pinned back. Teacher will decide required hair style for their particular class.

Male Dancers: T-shirt with a tank underneath, pants or shorts that allow for movement.