Jazz dance is a classification shared by a broad range of dance styles.

Its foundation comes from ballet technique and was influenced by many elements of jazz music. Jazz dance classes are upbeat and energetic and encompass many styles of dance including musical theatre. The technique in Jazz dance includes extensions, turns, leaps, jumps, dynamic choreography, and much more.

Jazz Class Options & Requirements:

Jr. Jazz (Ages 4-6) – Gives young dancers an introduction to Jazz technique, vocabulary, and choreography.

Basic Jazz

Jazz I

Jazz II

Jazz III (Ballet class required)

Musical Theater

Basic Leaps/Turns

Leaps/Turns I

Leaps/Turns II

Jazz Class Requirements:

Students should expect to stay at the same level for a minimum of 2 years.

Class attire – Proper Jazz attire is required: form fitting shorts or pants, leotard or tight top, hair in secured bun or ponytail, jazz shoes.

All level-specific leotards, shoes, tights, and more are available at the ASA Boutique or online store.

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