We are SO PROUD of the ASA Company and applaud their hard work and positive efforts during their first competition of the year at the Kids Artistic Review in Elgin.


Mia Spanier “Material Girl” solo – Elite Top 1st, 3rd Overall, and 2nd Runner Up for Miss Petite KAR
Mia Spanier & Emma Markstrom “Cheerleader” duet – Elite Top 1st and 2nd Overall
Zoe Wegerich & Ava Misner “Holding Out for a Hero” duet – Elite Top 1st and 2nd Overall
Alexis Schueller & Anya Corsini “Too Much” duet – Top 1st
Alexi Corsini & Ella Miller “Glam” duet – Elite Top 1st, 3rd Overall
Lilliana Andujar “9 Crimes” solo – Top 1st
MacKenzie O’Dwyer “Dream” solo – Top 1st
Chloe McCoy “Waiting Game” solo – 1st
Alexis Schueller “Fight Song” solo – Elite Top 1st, 1st Overall
Piper Clark “Wherever He Ain’t” solo – Top 1st
“Backstreet Boys” – 1st
“Saved By The Bell” – Top 1st & “Heading To Hollywood” Judges Choice Award
“Masterpiece” – 1st
“Suitcase” – Top 1st
Shaelin Dunn “Wings” solo – Elite Top 1st, 5th Overall
Isabella Villalon “Photograph” solo – Elite Top 1st, 1st Overall
Zoe Wegerich “Who You Are” solo – Top 1st
MacKenzie Matysik “Stitches” solo – Top 1st, 6th Overall
Ella Miller “Secrets” solo – Top 1st, 5th Overall
Alexi Corsini “Fighter” solo – 1st
“Tears of an Angel” – Elite Top 1st, 2nd Overall
“Little Red Wagon” – Top 1st, 10th Overall
“Who’s Laughing Now” – Elite Top 1st, 8th Overall
“Bringin’ Back Biebs” – Top 1st
“Teen Beach” – Elite Top 1st, 4th Overall, “Most Entertaining” Judges Choice Award, and “Video of the Week” winner
“Not Goodbye” – Top 1st, 7th Overall, “Beautiful Interpretation” Judges Choice Award